January 16, 2024

Location: Newport Beach

Join an exclusive community of C-Suite, senior executives, and accomplished VPs from the world’s leading organizations for a one-day retreat in one of California’s most beautiful places to visit: Newport Beach.

January 16, 2024

Location: Newport Beach

Featured Speakers

Chris Stoneley
Rich Lindberg
Randy Muyargas
Fidel Hernandez
Kamran Salour

Event Agenda

Uniting Your Business Through IT (Opening Keynote)

The concept of a unified approach, including a unified platform for managing different parts of a business, is not new concept. Reducing the elements down to only what you need and connecting them smoothly creates a synergy that makes every company thrive. Create an environment that’s compact, cost- effective, manageable, and secure by making it your mission to unite your business by connecting the people and processes that matter.

  • Sponsor: Sangoma
  • Keynote Speaker: Mark Bloom, Vice President of Channels Sales, West
    at Sangoma

Managing the Hidden Risks of Data Shared with Third Parties

30-50% of a company’s personal data – both employment and consumer — is being regularly shared with third parties in SaaS solutions, advertising platforms, and with outsourced processers. Yet with 1 in 5 breaches coming from third parties and now, the added risks of personal liability to Boards, the time is ripe for a pragmatic approach. This panel will discuss the pathway to understanding risk visibility and prescribe best practices and priorities to regaining risk management over third parties.

  • Sponsor: Privageo
  • Moderator: Steve Kerler, Managing Partner at Privageo
  • Panelist: Gwen Takagawa, Sr. Privacy Consultant at Privageo
  • Panelist: Mike Grant, Principal at Marsh McLennan Insurance
  • Panelist: Alyssa Coon, Sr. Privacy Consultant at Privageo

Zero Trust – Another Security Buzzword or a Real Paradigm Shift?

Zero trust is gaining momentum as organizations increasingly reject outdated perimeter- based strategies. As organizations have begun to adopt a zero trust strategy, many best practices and lessons learned have emerged. At the same time, there are numerous misperceptions surrounding zero trust, especially with regard to legacy systems. This panel will provide concrete tips and different approaches to zero trust, while also addressing any perceived challenges that may be preventing organizations from pursuing a zero trust strategy.

  • Moderator: Edwin Covert, Head of Cyber Risk Engineering at Bowhead Specialty
  • Panelist: Bin Du, Cloud Security Senior Manager at Accenture
  • Panelist: Ed Rushman, Delivery Manager at Southern California Edison
  • Panelist: Rich Lindberg, Chief Information Security Officer at JAMS
  • Panelist:  Corey White, Founder & Chief Executive & Experience Officer at Cyvatar.ai

Still Looking for the Data

After Information Governance, the first step in the EDRM is Identification. This often- overlooked step in the process remains one of the greatest challenges for legal professionals because the number of potential data sources increases constantly. Staying aware of changes in the pool of potential data sources is a problem, much less developing processes and procedures for identifying, preserving, collecting, and processing such data. What are companies doing to stay ahead of this problem? In some cases, companies are renewing previously failed efforts to create and maintain data maps. Others are considering data lakes to serve as single, catch-all sources of potentially relevant data. What are the benefits and risks of these and other approaches? What makes sense for companies with different risk profiles?

  • Moderator: Don Swanson, Senior Consultant at Five Star Legal
  • Panelist: Yahya Sayeed, Teaching Assistant at California State University-Dominguez Hills
  • Panelist: Michael Jeffrey Glick, Managing Director at Hire Counsel
  • Panelist: Shannon Bales, Litigation Support Manager at Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP
  • Panelist: Iman Badri, Data Scientist at Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP
  • Panelist: Linda Sharp, Global Data Management Services Consultant at HaystackID

ChatGPT and Data Privacy

  • Highlight the importance of data privacy in AI-driven applications like ChatGPT.
  • Discuss concerns regarding data collection, storage, and usage in conversational AI.
  • Explore the role of encryption and secure data transmission in protecting user interactions.
  • Examine the implications of data breaches or leaks involving AI-generated content.
  • Offer best practices for organizations to uphold data privacy while using ChatGPT.


  • Moderator: Kenny Jenkins, IS Project Manager at Intratek Computer Inc.
  • Panelist: Balaji Lakshmanan, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Vast Conference
  • Panelist: Omid Aloos, Partner Product Engineer at Kitchen Armor
  • Panelist: Chris Stoneley, Chief Information Security Officer at Cathay Bank
  • Panelist: Hadi Heidari, Cyber Security Engineer at SmartFinancial
  • Panelist: Steve Millendorf, Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP

Serenity Now! Finding Calm Amid AI Madness

AI is here, accelerating and offering immense long-term impacts to business, both good and bad. But frankly, corporate governance is just not ready and mostly not even close! It’s time we begin to set rules, build the guardrails, allocate oversight, and anticipate how to manage conflicts within a corporation. This panel will establish the foundational building blocks for AI governance and offer practical steps to optimize its benefits to a business.

  • Sponsor: Privageo
  • Moderator: Mark Kasperowicz, Director Business Development at Privageo
  • Panelist: Alyssa Coon, Sr. Privacy Consultant at Privageo
  • Panelist: Gwen Takagawa, Sr. Privacy Consultant at Privageo
  • Panelist: H. Bryan Cunningham, Executive Director at UC Irvine Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute

Privacy Isn’t About Compliance – It’s About the Economy Stupid

Data is an asset, which depreciates very quickly. The need for businesses to protect their ability to collect data, and use data, is really what should drive privacy compliance. While the law does generate risks around data use, the real risk is the simple fact that if you don’t respect the privacy rights of individuals, you will dilute, or even destroy, ongoing access to high-quality, relevant, and monetizable data.

Fundamentally, privacy programs are about how to effectively monetize data over a strategic time period without adding unnecessary “taxes” onto the data ecosystem (either for the business OR for the data subject).

  • Moderator: Debra Farber, Founder at Shifting Privacy Left
  • Panelist: David Sclar, Healthcare Compliance and Privacy Officer at WeightWatchers
  • Panelist: Brandon Reilly, Partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
  • Panelist: Eric Lybeck, Director of Privacy Engineering at PrivacyCode
  • Panelist: Sean Martin, Enterprise Client Executive at OneTrust
  • Panelist: Dan Everett, Owner at Insightful Research LLC

Information Governance – Separating the “Junk” from the “Jewels”

Information Governance starts with knowing your data, where your data is, who has access to data, and what controls are in place. As you go through the exercise you need to identify and clean-up “junk” and protect your “jewels”. This works only if the process is context driven by the data owners and not by IT who doesn’t have a clue what is the purpose of the information that they are trying to govern.

  • Moderator: David Moncure
  • Panelist: Matthew Luciani, Associate at Global Legal Law Firm
  • Panelist: John Breen, Partner at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP

The Demand for Cyber Insurance is Increasing, Rates Have Stabilized, Yet Claim Frequency and Severity Are Reaching New Highs

During its evolution as an emerging risk, cyber insurance has become the most volatile line of coverage. Over the past two years, the cyber risk ecosystem has changed dramatically – level of awareness, underwriting discipline, qualification requirements, policy terms and conditions, risk management support, claim types, sophistication, and insurers’ response. It’s been a steep learning cover for all parties.

Uncertainty is making the current market a tenuous proposition. Re/Insurers worry about aggregation exposure, improving risk assessment and managing the balance between increasing claims and rate adequacy. Policyholders are concerned about more onerous application requirements, better risk quantification, reduced coverage and new war exclusions. As with just about every other aspect of life, AI is a game changer for both good and bad. Join us, as we discuss what can we expect from cyber insurance in 2024 and beyond.

  • Moderator: Alan Friel, Chair Global Data Practice at Squire Patton Boggs
  • Panelist: John Alvertos, Director of Information Technology at Acrisure
  • Panelist: Stephen Paulin, Risk Strategist and Worker’s Compensation Expert at Orion Risk Management

Right-sizing ‘Managed Detection and Response’ for Your Company

The adoption of Managed Detection and Response solutions exploded in 2021-23 becoming standard in most security stacks. With that however, varied service options, costs, security coverage, effectiveness and internal requirements have expanded and blurred the lines in what MDR means. In this light, Company’s must revisit the trade-offs of improved security, with their own internal capabilities and overall security spend. This panel will discuss the trade-offs, options and considerations as companies review the role and reliance of EDR’s/MDR’s solutions.

  • Sponsor: Privageo
  • Moderator: Brad Kelso, Managing Partner at Privageo
  • Panelist: Hamlet Khodaverdian, President at LMNTRIX
  • Panelist: Kyle Hendrickson, Director Security Services at Eide Bailly LLP

How to Address the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity – People

 Cyber crime statistics estimated the global cost of $6 trillion in 2024. Cyber criminals continue to evolve their attacks faster than security professionals can adapt. But is the weakness with the technology in place to combat malicious actors or is it the people in the organization who continue to fall prey to the common tactics such as phishing? Every business owner, executive, and board member is now hypersensitive to the impact from cyber crime but continue to focus on tools and technology.

Many organizations invest in cyber awareness programs to educate their employees and contractors and now are mandatory in many industries today but the number of breaches continues to increase. Therefore, the approach to improving the cybersecurity defenses must elevate to re-engineering the “DNA” of all resources – inside and out – to think cyber smart.

This panel will discuss ideas to help materially change the conversation about cyber awareness so anyone in contact with a business is cyber vigilant.

  • Moderator: Cleve Adams Founder and Managing Partner at Trestles Group Inc.
  • Panelist: Kelly Worthington, Senior Business Consultant – Risk & Cyber Strategy at Tata Consultancy Services
  • Panelist: Doug Simmons, CEO and Co-Founder at Cognitive Defense
  • Panelist: Mandy Cartwright, Partner and Vice Chair – Privacy & Cybersecurity at Lewis Brisbois

Organizations Will Invest in Meta-Data Management

Metadata can be a great source of information that explains the what, where, and who, questions of data sorting. This piece of information can also answer the questions – how, when and why, when that piece of information is accessed by anybody in the organization. When metadata is managed and actively used, it can help provide great insights, and solution providers that simplify metadata management will be able to provide value to organizations.

  • Moderator: Anna Nguyen, Data Governance, Office of the CDO at Automobile Club of Southern California
  • Panelist: Vinod Kushawaha, First Vice President, Data Governance and Data Quality at Bank of Hope
  • Panelist: Stanly Savarimuthu, Sr. Manager Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics at Conduent
  • Panelist: Troy Humphrey, Founder/CEO at The LSC Group, Inc.
  • Panelist: Partha Siva, Senior Solutions Architect at Rackspace Technology

Transforming Cyber Defense through Adversarial Behavior Detection

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, the traditional defensive (reactive) approach is no longer sufficient to protect organizations from sophisticated threats. To defend against cyber adversaries effectively, security professionals are shifting their focus to offensive adversarial behavior detection. Join us for a captivating panel discussion where industry experts will explore how this transformation in cyber defense is reshaping security strategies.

Key Topics:

  1. Adversarial Behavior Detection: Discover how organizations are moving beyond signature-based detection and embracing techniques that identify adversarial behavior, allowing them to proactively respond to threats.
  2. Operationalizing Threat Intelligence: Learn how threat intelligence can be leveraged to enhance adversarial behavior detection and response, providing organizations with valuable insights into emerging threats.
  3. Real-World Use Cases: Hear from panelists who have successfully integrated adversarial behavior detection into their security Gain insights into the challenges they faced and the outcomes they achieved.
  4. Adversarial Emulation vs. Simulation: Understand the difference between adversarial emulation, which mimics real- world threat actors, and traditional Explore why the former is becoming a critical component of cyber defense.
  5. Measuring Efficacy: Learn how organizations are measuring the effectiveness of their adversarial behavior detection strategies and using this data to optimize their security

This panel discussion is ideal for security professionals, CISOs, incident responders, threat hunters, and anyone interested in staying at the forefront of cybersecurity practices. Join us for a dynamic conversation that will provide actionable insights into transforming your organization’s cyber defense through adversarial behavior detection.

  • Sponsor: SCYTHE
  • Moderator: Marc Brown, Head of Marketing & Product at SCYTHE
  • Panelist: Bryson Bort, CEO and Founder at SCYTHE
  • Panelist: Kamran Salour, Cybersecurity and Privacy Attorney at Lewis Brisbois
  • Panelist: Ian Sorensen, Sr. Security Engineer at Origence
  • Panelist: A.J. Soria, Vice President, Information Technology & Security at Advantmed

Elevating Cyber Resilience: Safeguarding Hybrid Landscapes through Layered Security, Managed Services, and Advanced MDR Strategies

Join us as we explore and discuss the importance of layered security, why 24/7 managed services are critical, and how advanced MDR strategies effectively safeguard hybrid environments. This session will help attendees address the ongoing cybersecurity talent shortage while meeting compliance requirements and help them fortify their defenses against ever- changing cyber threats.

  • Sponsor: Fortra
  • Key Note Speaker: Frank Fitus, Principal Sales Engineer at Alert Logic

CTL Mastermind

Discover unique experiential wisdom from seasoned technology executives. Learn about the importance of cultivating a personal network of professional contacts. Turn ideas into action with proven battled tested methods. Become inspired to become more than just the sum total of what you can do.

  • Sponsor: CTL
  • Moderator: Andy Kim, CISO at MR2 Solutions
  • Panelist: Howard Miller, Ambassador at CTL
  • Panelist: Brandon Esbach, Ambassador at CTL
  • Panelist: Anthony Williams, EVP of Technology Strategic Solutions/CIO at MR2 Solutions

Maximising ROI for Generative AI

Discuss the opportunities, roadblocks and risks that AI brings to the corporation. Where are people on their journey (Active, Testing or R&D), what use cases are being identified, who is the owner, what are the top 5 risks, what solutions are in play and what next steps are companies taking.

  • Sponsor: Anonos
  • Moderator: Steven Prestidge, Chief Commercial & Innovation Officer at Anonos
  • Panelist: Randy Muyargas, Director, Information Security, Systems and Technology | Information Security Officer at Cordoba Corporation
  • Panelist: Kirk Yamamoto, Information Technology Project Manager at City of Long Beach
  • Panelist: Eric Wang, Cyber Security System Administrator at BayWa r.e. Americas
  • Panelist: Tejas Patel, Vice President – Technology and Engineering at Sientra, Inc.

Cybersecurity Training

In 2024, will we see continued advances in cybersecurity training? Humans didn’t evolve to spot dangers in the digital world. The school system doesn’t teach them defense against the dark arts of cyber-attack. It’s on us. Human risk is an organizational problem. Equipping our people with the skills to stay safe from phishing attacks is our responsibility.

Automation, adaptive learning, and artificial intelligence/machine learning can help deliver personalized training at scale. Why is that important? Because people need to participate frequently with relevant training that stays at the edge of their skill level in order to improve and stay engaged. A long, dry video followed by a punishment-based phishing simulation has been proven not to work. Fixating on failure leads to failure.

Rewarding people as they acquire skills in a dynamic learning environment confers measurable improvement. This approach broadly describes gamification, whose demonstrated success is grounded in established principles of behavioral science and business and will be key to protecting organizations of all sizes in the year ahead.

  • Moderator: Jason James, Partner & vCISO at Regents & Park, Inc
  • Panelist: Eric Wang, Cyber Security System Administrator at BayWa r.e. Americas
  • Panelist: Ian Sorensen, Sr. Security Engineer at Origence
  • Panelist: Sheela Kinhal, Senior Director, Information Security GRC, Third Party Risk, & Model Risk at Green Dot Corporation

Insider Threats

Human error is still one of the primary reasons for the data breach. Any bad day or intentional loophole can bring down a whole organization with millions of stolen data. Report by Verizon in data breach gives strategic insights on cybersecurity trends that 34 percent of total attacks were directly or indirectly made by the employees. So make sure you create more awareness within premises to safeguard data in every way possible.

  • Moderator: Fred Cohen,Managing Member at Angel to Exit
  • Panelist: Raymond F. Ribble, Founder & CEO at SPHER, Inc.
  • Panelist: Jeremy Ventura, Field CISO | Director, Security Strategy at ThreatX
  • Panelist: Fidel Hernandez, IT Security Governance Risk and Compliance at Hyundai AutoEver America
  • Panelist: Fazila Moosa, Senior Counsel and Lead Consultant at PRIVATECH Consulting
  • Panelist: Beau Mersereau, Chief Technology Officer at Toppan Merrill

AI and Cybersecurity: A CISO Perspective

CISOs from various industries share their insights on how AI has impacted their organizations and how it has disrupted their cybersecurity programs. Adopt never before insights from in the trench learnings from CISOs and how they have successfully supported their AI journey and how AI can help accelerate and redefine the rules of engagement against cyber threat actors. Walk away with immediate how to’s to take your cybersecurity program to the next level.

  • Sponsor: MR2 Solutions
  • Moderator: Andy Kim, CISO at MR2 Solutions
  • Panelist: Awwab Arif, SVP – CISO at Bank of Hope
  • Panelist: Richard Greenberg, President at ISSA Los Angeles
  • Panelist: Edgar Garrobo, vCISO at Viking Cruise Line
  • Panelist: David Lin, CISO at Gemological Institute of America
  • Panelist: John Underwood, VP Information Security at Big 5 Sporting Goods
  • Panelist: Steve Weil, vCISO at PointB

Blending AI and Human Intelligence to Accelerate Complex Cybersecurity Purchasing Decisions

Companies are faced with a multitude of security product options across the ever-evolving threat and compliance landscapes. This complexity results in a significant increase in the time and effort needed to research and evaluate solutions, which can add up to hundreds or even thousands of man-hours each year. Join us as we discuss how security leaders can engage a “decision map” to navigate through complex cybersecurity purchasing decisions, similar to how we engage a GPS map for travel.

  • Sponsor: ID-Y
  • Moderator: Kier Lane, Founder and CEO at ID-Y
  • Panelist: Chris Surdak, Managing Director at Quantiqs, Inc.
  • Panelist: Oksana Denesiuk, Product Delivery Leader at Kaiser Permanente
  • Panelist: Fatih Tezel, Strategy Consultant | GLG Council at GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)

Targeted Ransomware

Another important cybersecurity trend that we can’t seem to ignore is targeted ransomware. Especially in the developed nations’ industries rely heavily on specific software to run their daily activities. These ransomware targets are more focused such as the Wanna Cry attack on the National Health Service hospitals in England Scotland corrupted more than 70,000 medical devices.
Though generally, ransomware asks to threaten to publish the victim’s data unless a ransom is paid still it can affect the large organization or in case of nations too.

  • Moderator: Kamran Salour, Cybersecurity and Privacy Attorney at Lewis Brisbois
  • Panelist: Luke Holbrook, Associate at Knobbe Martens
  • Panelist: Marc Kase, Managing Director at Achieve Agility, Inc
  • Panelist: Kirk Yamamoto, Information Technology Project Manager at City of Long Beach
  • Panelist: Genevieve McGinty, Global Chief Digital Forensic Expert at Intelligent Computer Forensics, Inc.
    Panelist: Francesco Fabbrocino, Chief Technology Officer at Dunmor

Data Visibility, Compliance and Information Governance

In 2024, CISOs will prioritize adopting solutions that provide visibility into the data their organization holds, where it lives, and the risks imposed by that data. This visibility is critical for security leaders as they build programs to meet compliance requirements in a highly regulated world, and secure data in an increasingly challenging threat landscape. One of the first laws in cybersecurity is that you need to know your assets.

Simply put, you can’t protect what you don’t know. Join us, as we discuss the value of data classification and information governance.

  • Moderator: Robert Kirtley, Director of Cyber Security at iDiscovery Solutions
  • Panelist: Mel Rico Reyes, Global Chief Information Officer & CISO at Elite Technical Concierge
  • Panelist: Jennifer Guerrero, Healthcare Associate Attorney at Buchalter
  • Panelist: Kirk Hanson, Senior Sales Engineering Manager at Splunk
  • Panelist: Onnig Sayadian, Information Security Manager at Clearlake Capital Group
  • Panelist: Glen Day, CEO at NVISIONx

Escalating Cyber Risk from the IT Department to the Boardroom

Despite today’s frequent headlines regarding companies falling victim to cyberattacks or suffering data breaches, cyber risk is still a relatively new threat – is it? While companies may have an idea about the potential effects on reputation and impact on the overall business, many are yet to experience one firsthand, or at least not on a high-profile scale. That means there’s still unfamiliarity around how exactly to manage the risk. Many companies are changing their approach, in some cases; cybersecurity is still departmentalized and seen as the remit of the IT team.

How do you incorporate a cybersecurity strategy into the company’s overall governance, risk, and compliance structure? What’s the best approach?

  • Moderator: Lily Li, Data Privacy, AI, Cybersecurity Lawyer, Founder at Metaverse Law
  • Panelist: Thi Ngo, Principal, Technology and Security Internal Audit at Gemini
  • Panelist: Scott Schneider, Founder at Tekadvise LLC
  • Panelist: Oli Thordarson, President/CEO at Alvaka
  • Panelist: Tejas Patel, Vice President – Technology and Engineering at Sientra, Inc.
  • Panelist: Greg Spicer, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Ostrich Cyber-Risk

AI in Cybersecurity

  • Explain how AI and machine learning can enhance cybersecurity by automating threat detection and
  • Share success stories of AI-driven cybersecurity solutions in
  • Discuss the limitations and challenges of relying on AI for
  • Explore the need for human-AI collaboration in cybersecurity
  • Emphasize the ongoing research and development in AI for proactive defense strategies.


  • Moderator: Alex Veytsman
  • Panelist: Scott Kennedy, Principal Engineer – Adversary Management – Architecture at Intuit
  • Panelist: Brian Berger, President & CEO at Cytellix®
  • Panelist: Oksana Denesiuk, Product Delivery Leader at Kaiser Permanente
  • Panelist: Paul Starrett, Founder at PrivacyLabs
  • Panelist: Jeff Purrington, Identity Strategist at SailPoint

Cyber Risk Management Will be a Top Priority for Business Leaders in 2024

When it comes to the governance and oversight of cyber risk, our system is broken. It’s no longer what it used to be fifteen years ago – we are dealing with higher stakes and fragile enterprise reputations. As a result of this, in 2024, we will see companies double down on cyber risk management. Boards will need to have a much clearer role and responsibility when it comes to the process of ensuring adequate controls and reporting cyberattacks. Cyber risk governance is not just the domain of the CISO it is now clearly a Director and Officer level concern. When it comes to cyber, plausible deniability is dead. Join us, as we discuss best practices for cyber risk.

  • Moderator: Xander Hamman, Sr. Director, Security Consulting & Data Privacy Officer at e360
  • Panelist: Robert Allende, Cyber Practice Lead at Red River
  • Panelist: Daniel Monsowitz, Founding Partner & vCISO at Venture Security Partners
  • Panelist: Michael Rizzo, Customer Success Executive at BMC Software
  • Panelist: Sonal Agrawal, Director, GRC at Sprinklr
  • Panelist: Norm DuBow, Business Advisor at GLG

Building a Security-Aware Culture in 2024 and Beyond

Perhaps the most important step that can be taken at any organization is to ensure that it is working towards initiating and fostering a culture of awareness around cybersecurity issues. Today, it’s no longer good enough for employers or employees to simply think of cybersecurity as an issue for the IT department to take care of. In fact, developing an awareness of the threats and taking basic precautions to ensure safety should be a fundamental part of everyone’s job description in 2024!

Phishing attacks rely on “social engineering” methods to trick users into divulging valuable information or installing malware on their devices. No one needs technical skills to learn to become aware of these types of attacks and to take basic precautions to avoid falling victim. Likewise, basic security skills like the safe use of passwords and developing an understanding of two-factor authentication (2FA) should be taught across the board and continually updated. Taking basic precautions like this to foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness should be a core element of business strategy at organizations that want to ensure they build resilience and preparedness over the coming 12 months.

  • Moderator: Shri Bhatia, Co-Founder at Akashwani
  • Panelist: Kollie Flomo, Technical Support Specialist at Hydrafacial
  • Panelist: Craig Shankman, Chief Technology Officer at Muriel Siebert & Co., Inc.
  • Panelist: John Shin, Managing Director/CISO at RSI Security

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact

With AI being introduced in all market segments, this technology with a combination of machine learning has brought tremendous changes in cybersecurity. AI has been paramount in building automated security systems, natural language processing, face detection, and automatic threat detection.

Although, it is also being used to develop smart malware and attacks to bypass the latest security protocols in controlling data. AI enabled threat detection systems can predict new attacks and notify admins for any data breach instantly.

  • Moderator: Benjamin Brink, IMAC Technician III at Milestone Technologies, Inc.
  • Panelist: Cho-Nan Tsai, Founder at H TECH VIP
  • Panelist: Douglas Suvalle, Vice President of Business Development at CYNC Secure
  • Panelist: Mirena Taskova, Managing Director – Head of Privacy & Cybersecurity at Armanino LLP
  • Panelist: Allen Ohanian, Information Security Officer at Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services


Event Location

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