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ELN is about building community, innovation, and collaboration with other ambitious, high-performing enterprise leaders through the exchange of ideas and information. You’ll be able to participate in roundtable discussions, intimate in-person conferences, networking dinner events in your area, and a national forum.

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When you join Enterprise Leadership Network (ELN), you are welcomed into the fold of a private network of C-Suite, senior executives, and accomplished VPs where you can:

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As successful, change-agile leaders, this community responds to changes in the business environment by seizing opportunities, including throwing out old models and developing new ways of doing business. They embed this “change-thinking” mentality into everything they do, from the most fundamental daily interactions to the most complex strategies.

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The community also offers


Creates a safe psychological space for teams to discuss the challenges of working together and the integration overall.


Promotes calculated risk-taking and experimentation and encourages cross-boundary collaborations to foster innovation, attract customers, and achieve results.


Manages with less autonomy and control than in the past — utilizing an adaptive mindset to navigate frequently evolving situations.

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